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Hello world.

We're Code For The People, a specialist WordPress web development agency, based in the UK.

We do custom theme and plugin development, plus ongoing support & maintenance, for clients including the Rolling Stones, Stephen Fry, Oxford University, and a number of UK central government departments.

We build websites which are as easy to manage as a blog, but can handle the kind of traffic burst you get when you tweet a link to two million fans.

We're run by two stalwarts of the British WordPress community: Simon Dickson, formerly of government-centric consultancy Puffbox; and Simon Wheatley, formerly of Sweet Interaction, a regular contributor to WordPress core and prolific plugin author.

We're firm believers, and enthusiastic participants in the Open Source movement: hence the name. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for Open Source, and we want others to benefit as we have.

We're one of only two agencies in Europe* to be accredited by Automattic Inc as a VIP Featured Partner.

And we're here to help.

* Before you ask, the other one is here.

Greatest Hits

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

A 50th anniversary overhaul for the website of the World's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band, including a complete discography managed entirely within WordPress, tightly integrated with iTunes... and the page described by Gizmodo as Probably The Greatest 404 Error Of All Time.



It's 20 years since the Irish dancing phenomenon exploded on to the world stage: and there are ambitious plans to mark its anniversary year - plus the launch of a sister show, Heartbeat Of Home. We've been proud to support the creative and production teams since 2010.

IPC Media

IPC Media

Britain's no1 magazine publisher wanted a platform to host the websites of 30 of its sports & men's lifestyle magazines. Our mobile-first framework gives them total hands-on control of design and layout, fully integrated with WordPress's customiser for real-time previewing.


MHP Communications

MHP are one of the UK's top public relations consultancies, ranked no3 for digital, with a worldwide network. Their WordPress multisite-based platform gives each discipline and regional office its own online presence, with scope to tailor the tone and presentation to suit its target audience.

We the people

Simon Dickson leads on front-end development and business matters. He has worked full-time on websites since 1995, including periods at Sky News, Microsoft and several UK government departments. He set up his own consultancy, Puffbox in 2007; and was instrumental in the adoption of WordPress by 10 Downing Street and several larger ministries.

Simon Dickson

Simon Wheatley leads on back-end / platform development. He cut his teeth during the first burst of excitement about the web, working on websites like Dell and Marie Curie. Shortly after starting in WordPress development in 2005, he wrote and released the “Exclude Pages” plugin; this popular release was a turning point in his career, and Simon's most exciting work can be traced to that moment.

Simon Wheatley

Code For The People was incorporated on 25 January 2012: a date chosen very deliberately. Having collaborated on projects since mid-2008, Simon and Simon decided it was time to merge operations - for their own benefit, and that of their clients. The new company was a launch partner in Automattic's VIP Featured Partner Program.

We WordPress

We're sure there are plenty of situations where WordPress isn't
the right choice for a website. But we haven't found many.

A decade ago, WordPress was just another blogging platform. Over time, it has become a powerful and flexible content management solution, supported by an active community and a flourishing ecosystem. But it hasn't lost the simplicity and ease of use which attracted so many bloggers, ourselves included, in the first place.

Bloggers just want to log in, write an article, and hit 'Publish'. They want to make their website their own, but they don't have an IT department on hand to help. Funnily enough, in our experience, the same tends to apply to most journalists, rock stars, marketing executives, press officers and politicians. So why not start with a platform designed for non-expert individuals?

Under the hood too, WordPress has stayed true to its roots. It expects, in fact it encourages you to alter the way it works; and add your own custom functions into its processes. It's these hooks and filters which let us work our magic, turning it into a corporate website, a news magazine, a discussion forum, a social network, or whatever you need.

And yet it's still free to download and deploy; and you're free to export your data in an easily reusable format, if you decide you'd rather use something else.

What's happening  

  1. Code For The People
    Code For The People: Congrats to CFTP client @bluerubicon - named the UK's best large PR consultancy!

  2. Code For The People
    Code For The People: Launched at the weekend: a dramatic new look for political blogger @markpack’s website Fabulous work by @scottsweb!

  3. Code For The People
    Code For The People: RT @johnbillion: Pleased that I'll be working on @BabblePlugin this week. Lots of opportunity there.

  4. Code For The People
    Code For The People: RT @wptavern: Meet John Blackbourn, WordPress 4.1 Release Lead

  5. Code For The People
    Code For The People: RT @des_cho: Open source as a business management philosophy? @om interviewing @photomatt on the #wceu stage.

What can we do for you?

Custom website development

Start with nothing, end up with a rock solid, rock star grade website

Custom theme development

Based on a design you supply, or
one of our own

Custom plugin development

Following WordPress best-practice principles


Turning your current site into WP-ready content

Hosting consultancy

Helping you find and configure the right host

WordPress strategy

Sharing our experience to help you take control VIP Approved

Members of Automattic's Featured Partner program

Ongoing support

Retainer-based contracts for updates and maintenance

Contact us

We're fully committed on work for existing clients for the foreseeable future. So we've opted to switch off our contact form for a little while. We'd rather do that than start conversations we can't finish.

If you need to get in touch with us, and you can compress your message into 140 characters, you'll find us on Twitter at @cftp.

Registered office (for boring legal purposes only)

Griffins Court
24-32 London Road
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... but please don't send stuff there. It's just our accountant's.

Registered as a limited company in England and Wales. Company number 07924021. VAT number 132549030.